Sunday, September 28, 2008

DI Challenge for CAT 2008 Aspirants

cat 2008 cat 2009 preparation mba 2008 xat 2008As promised to us, Mr. P. Pandey is posting his Data Interpretation challenge for all CAT 2008 aspirants on TG. If other instructors in the field can also come forward and share their wealth of knowledge on TG, education will come alive in millions of hearts. Till that happens, we will keep going on our own, with a little help from friends. So all you CAT 2008 daredevils out there, you are invited to a duel with this DI challenge which is, in Mr. Pandey’s own words, ‘the Litmus test of their arithmetic skills particularly in time & work, and average’. If you are able to solve these questions, you can consider yourself an expert in these topics.

Funny how a long time has passed since I took my CAT paper but the excitement on seeing a new question still remains the same. Most of you students take these questions with a dread. Unfortunately, you miss the fun and excitement of CAT preparations, the warm feeling of contentment on cracking a question, the ego-trip of getting problems right. In order to be good at anything in life, you need to start loving it. And once you start loving something, you start loving yourself when you become good at it. That’s life.

DI Challenge for CAT 2008

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